The Centre for Human Reproductive Science (ChRS) integrates infertility expertise from its research collaborations worldwide with the Fertility Services and the Birmingham Women's Fertility Centre to deliver the latest in treatment and diagnosis to patients. We continue to advance the understanding of all scientific and social issues related to Fertility. The research alongside the University of Birmingham, is multi-disciplinary with many active national as well as international collaborations.

We are the core of one of the international research groupings studying fertilisation. Notable achievements include a leading role in developing the male part of the home fertility test, Fertell. We aim for constant innovation and improvement in fertility diagnosis and treatment.

One current development is the preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) service recently launched jointly with the West Midlands Regional Genetic Service (also located within Birmingham Women’s Hospital). This will enable screening of embryos for serious genetic diseases before they are placed back in the womb.

We look forward to your interest or involvement in our ongoing work!