Am I eligible for NHS funding for my treatment?

This is dependent on where you live and your Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) policies.
For example several or all of the following guidelines may apply:

•    Body mass index (BMI) must be 30 or below
•    If eligible for funding, treatment must be completed before female’s 40th birthday
•    No funding if female is under the age of 23
•    No funding for patients who smoke
•    No funding for patients with existing children (either partner)
•    Moderate alcohol intake allowed
•    Funding may not be provided if either partner has had sterilisation
•    Any previous fertility treatments may be taken into consideration

The above is just an indication of inclusion criteria and not necessarily a complete set due to variability between CCG’s
Your own GP should be able to give you guidance as to your particular CCG’s requirements.

How do I make an appointment?
If you would like to consider fertility investigations/treatment here you will need to ask your GP, or Consultant, to send a referral letter to the following address:-
Appointments Centre Booking Office Birmingham Women’s Hospital Edgbaston Birmingham, B15 2TG
Your first appointment will be with one of our doctors in the Gynae Outpatient Department, which will be approximately 8 weeks from receipt of the referral letter. The doctor will discuss your medical history and arrange any further investigations/tests required. You will only be referred to the Fertility Centre once all investigations/tests have been completed.

How long is the waiting list for donated eggs?
This varies greatly depending on characteristic match / availability and can be anything between 6mths & 2yrs.

How do I obtain a copy of my hospital notes/results?
Please contact us

Can I buy sperm for home insemination?
By law we can only supply donor sperm for treatment at this clinic or another HFEA registered centre and if we have a match suitable for your requirements (Ethnicity, CMV status, Hair/Eye colour etc).

When do I pay for my treatment?
Payment for non-funded treatment is due on the day of the consent signing appointment, which is at the first stage of starting treatment.